Top 10 Sword Dream Meaning

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sword dream meaning

Sword Dream Meaning

Seeing a sword in a dream is a good dream. This dream indicates decision making ability, intelligence, having good relationships in life, good honor, achievement of fame and increasing your prestige.

Fighting With Sword Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself fighting with a sword or holding a sword in your hand in a dream foretells good fortune, happiness, prosperity, good times to come, victory over enemies, courage and success within you and to get rid of your troubles. Shows your inner ability to fight.

someone using a sword Dream Meaning

In a dream, if someone attacks you with a sword or seeing someone else using a sword it indicates difficult times to come, trouble, liars around you and indicates your loneliness.

Injured By A Sword Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself getting hurt by a sword or getting injured by a sword in your dream is a symbol of lack of self-confidence, enemies and rivals dominating you and the arrival of problems.

Broken Sword Dream Meaning

Seeing a broken sword in a dream indicates a lot of problems at one time in life. failure and misfortune.

Getting Sword In Dream Meaning

If you get a sword in a dream, then this dream indicates the arrival of a person in life, something new or getting something new. At the same time, this dream also tells about the lack of confidence and courage in you.

Buying Sword Dream Meaning

Buying a sword in a dream suggests that you have found a solution to your problems and you will overcome your life’s difficulties very soon.

Selling Sword In Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself selling a sword in a dream indicates someone hurting you and low in confidence.

Losing Sword Dream Meaning

Losing a sword in a dream is a symbol of loss of honor, being embarrassed about something among people and you will be out of work in the coming future.

Rusty Sword Dream Meaning

Seeing a rusty sword in a dream indicates trouble in your life, sorrow, interruption in work and lack of courage in you.

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