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spitting dream meaning

Spitting Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself spitting on the ground in a dream is not a good dream, this indicates financial troubles, wasted labor, some kind of problem in the job and increase in unnecessary expenses.

Spitting Blood Dream Meaning

Seeing oneself spitting blood in a dream indicates poor health, illness, arrival of some bad news and sorrow. If you see this dream, you should especially take care of your health and also pay attention to your diet at present.

Spitting On Someone Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself spitting on another person in a dream is a symbol of fight, debate, misunderstanding with people due to some reason, you hurt someone or do wrong thing and repent for something done in the past.

Someone Spitting Dream Meaning

Seeing someone else spitting on you in a dream indicates low honor, someone accusing or slandering you, debate, jealousy and being emotionally unhappy.

Someone Spitting Somewhere Dream Meaning

Seeing someone else spitting somewhere in a dream indicates good fortune, progress, increase in honor, fame, and success.

Psychological Reasons

When in reality something that makes you very sad or something that is related to your honor, which you want to forget, then you may have a dream of spitting by yourself.

Or when negative thoughts become excessive in you and when you want to remove these negative thoughts from your mind, you can still dream of spitting.

In reality, when people around you are jealous of you, don’t like you, then you may dream of being spitted on by someone else.

After seeing this dream, you should try to eliminate the negativity inside you and purify your thoughts. Also, while conversing with others, the words should be chosen properly.

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