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speech dream meaning

Giving A Speech Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself giving a speech in a dream indicates good times, progress, enhancement in honor, success, getting a new position, getting opportunities and happiness in the future.

Unable To Give Speech Dream Meaning

In the dream, if you are not able to give speech due to nervousness or if you lose your voice, then this dream may lead to loss of some important opportunity in future, failure, interruption, non-completion of tasks and control of your life in someone else’s hands.

No One Listens Speech Dream Meaning

If you give a speech in a dream and no one listens to your speech or people laugh at your speech, then this dream indicates debate, differences of opinion with people, disappointment and low confidence.

Hearing a speech dream Meaning

Hearing a speech in a dream is a symbol of success in the field of work, getting a new opportunity, change, coming in the life of a new person and happiness in the coming time.

Not able to understand speech Dream Meaning

In a dream, if you hear the speech and you do not understand that speech, then this dream indicates someone hurting you or taking advantage of you and your confusion.

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