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Today we will talk about a new topic the meaning of river in dream. ( River Dream Meaning )

Dream of the river always carries special and surprising news for you. This dream especially puts light on money, your financial status, your emotions and prosperity. 

The forms of the river explain the different fields of your life. 

Let’s come and see what this dream carries to you. 

river dream meaning

River Dream Meaning

If you dream of Crystal Clear Water in the river, consider it as an auspicious dream. This dream indicates the completion of your work, promotion, fulfillment of your long awaited desire and peace and prosperity in life. 

Clam river dream meaning

If water is still and calm water in the river It indicates peace, calmness, satisfaction and a good and trouble free life. 

Big River Dream Meaning

If you see a very large river or big river in dream Indicates reward of your hard work, success in work and something good going to happen in life. 

Dry River Dream Meaning

If you see river was dry and you can also see the bottom of the river indicates miseries, problems and disappointment in life. 

Fast Flowing River Dream Meaning

If river flow is very fast in the dream, it indicates a very good financial position in life also indicates end of the financial problems and progress in Life.

Raging River Dream Meaning

If the river is raging or running very fast. This dream is not considered as a good dream, it indicates mental disturbance, barriers, anger also symbolizes lost control in life. 

Dirty River Dream Meaning

If river is dirty and its flowing Indicates for time being there will be health problems and other problems which would be sorted out soon. 

Muddy River Dream Meaning

If you see mud in the river or dirty halted water in the river It symbolizes negativity in life, hard times and mental disturbance in the coming future. 

Polluted River Dream Meaning

If you see a polluted river in the dream, it indicates financial problems, the arrival of some disease, so you should look after your health. 

See Yourself At River Bank Dream Meaning

If you stand at the bank of the river and you’re looking at the river symbolizes success in future ,very good luck and fulfillment of all the Desire. 

If you have your house at the bank of the river symbolizes very good luck and good prosperity in future. 

Cold River Dream Meaning

If water in the river is very cold and chilled symbolizes health problems and also symbolizes an arrival of some disease in life. 

Washing Face In River Dream Meaning

To wash your face in the river indicates arrival of good news and revival Or getting well of a deceased person. 

Drinking Water From River Dream Meaning

If you drink water from the river in a dream it symbolizes financial gains from selling of the property and improvement in the health of a family member and also indicates the satisfaction in life. 

If you see an animal drinking water from the river, This dream indicates the end of the problems and debt in the coming future. 

Bathing In River Dream Meaning

Bathing in the river indicates success in all your works,  financial profit, health improvements and in the same sequence if you are bathing in the dirty water of the river it indicates arrival of troubles and health problems. 

Crossing A River Dream Meaning

If you see yourself crossing the river symbolizes how you are crossing the river, you will have the same situation in your life, if you cross the river without any problem without any difficulties, you will  overcome the problems. You will have a great future ahead. 

Falling In River Dream Meaning

If you fall in the river in your dream, it indicates you would buy property in future and the arrival of an auspicious news ,if you see somebody else falling in the river, indicates financial problems. 

Throwing Something In River Dream Meaning

If you throw something in the river in your dream, you will invest and later you will have good profit out of it. 

Psychological Reason

If you see a dream of water in any form it reflects your emotions in your heart. 

It also indicates your financial position and finances. 

Dirty river water indicates problems and mental disturbance in the current situation. 

We should go ahead as per the direction of the dreams. Every dreams indicates something, we should take the benefit of our dreams which takes us to success and fulfillment of our goals. 

Thank You

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