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oil dream meaning

Oil Dream Meaning

Seeing oil in a dream is an inauspicious dream, this dream indicates the arrival of difficult times, disappointment, sadness, some kind of loss, someone fooling you and trouble.

Cooking With Oil Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself cooking with oil in a dream is a symbol of happiness, joy, good times and good health.

Machine Oil Dream Meaning

To See machine oil in a dream is an indicator of good luck, progress in the field, progress, profit and good business in the coming times.

Drinking Oil Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself drinking oil in a dream indicates future sorrows, disappointments, fights, disputes with people or family troubles.

Oil And Water Dream Meaning

Seeing water mixed with oil or oil and water together in a dream indicates mental tension, fights, debates and ideological differences with family in the coming times.

Oil Well Dream Meaning

Seeing an oil well in a dream is a very good dream from a financial point of view, this dream indicates something good in life, some kind of profit, receipt of money, progress in the field and success.

Falling Oil In Dream Meaning

To See oneself falling on oil or slipping on oil in a dream indicates good fortune, getting good and new opportunities, change, end of troubles and financial gain.

Spilled Oil Dream Meaning

Seeing oneself spilled or spreading oil in a dream symbolizes the solution of financial troubles, the attainment of wealth and the end of all the problems of life.

Buying Oil Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself buying oil in a dream is not a good dream, this dream indicates trouble, occurrence of some inauspicious event, receipt of bad news, some kind of loss.

Oil On The Body Dream Meaning

Seeing oil on your body in a dream indicates unexpected gains in future, ancestral property and such opportunities in life that will bring you profit and progress.

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