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nail dream meaning

Nail Dream Meaning

Seeing nails in a dream is not a good dream, this dream indicates trouble, mental anxiety, misunderstanding with people, working hard to achieve goals and also indicates a problem which is very important to solve.

To Collect Nails Dream Meaning

Picking nails from the ground in a dream is a sign of someone putting you in trouble or harming you, working hard for small things, waiting a long time to achieve success, and indicates stress, misunderstandings and problems.

Hammering A Nail Dream Meaning

Putting a nail in a wall or hammering a nail in a dream indicates differences of opinion with people in the future, spoiled family relations, arguments, fights, troubles and too many responsibilities.

Pricking A Nail Dream Meaning

Pricking a nail in a dream or pricking a nail in the foot is a symbol of difficulty, poor health, committing a mistake, an unpleasant situation, someone putting you in trouble and instability. After seeing this dream, you need to make a wise decision.

Remove Nail Dream Meaning

Taking a nail out of something in a dream indicates the return of some old trouble, sorrow, ending with something in life and you will come to know about some secret.

Take A Nail Dream Meaning

To Take a nail from someone in a dream indicates the deterioration of relations, separation, end of something, sorrow and mental anxiety in the future.

Rusted Nail Dream Meaning

To See a rusty nail in a dream indicates the arrival of difficult times, danger, long troubles and some kind of problem in the family.

Buying Nails Dream Meaning

Buying nails in a dream is a sign of tiredness from everyday tasks and responsibilities. This dream is also viewed from a positive perspective. This dream also indicates removal of obstacles, achievement of goals, success and increase in income.

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