Top 6 Lottery Dream Meaning

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lottery dream meaning

Lottery Ticket Dream Meaning

Seeing a lottery ticket in a dream or watching lottery or playing lottery indicates happiness and prosperity in future, getting some good opportunity, making new plans, profit, taking any important decision and you believe more in luck.

Winning Lottery Dream Meaning

Winning the lottery in a dream indicates getting a lot of money in the future, profit, increase in field or salary, increase in wealth, new beginnings, good family and love relationships, happiness and joy.

Someone Else Winning Lottery Dream Meaning

Seeing someone else winning the lottery in a dream indicates sadness, missing out on an opportunity, making a mistake or taking a wrong decision, anger and jealousy within you.

Someone Stopping To Take Lottery Reward Dream Meaning

In the dream, if someone does not let you take the price of the lottery or give the price of your winning lottery to someone else, that means, in the future there will be arguments, fights, differences of opinion with the family, troubles, worries and someone will take advantage.

Buying Lottery Ticket Dream Meaning

Buying a lottery ticket in a dream indicates investing money somewhere in the future, getting profit with less effort, success, happiness, good financial condition, implementing your plans and spending money.

Damaged Lottery Ticket Dream Meaning

In a dream, if the lottery ticket gets damaged or the lottery ticket is torn or the lottery ticket is lost, then this dream can indicate disappointment in life, someone hurting you, loss, difference of opinion, mental anxiety, obstruction and plans. is an indicator of failure.

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