Top 8 Injury Dream Meaning

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injury dream meaning

Injury Dream Meaning

Getting hurt ( Injury ) in a dream indicates sorrow, trouble, health deteriorating, accident, some kind of problem in the family, failure of plans, something wrong and worry.

Head Injury Dream Meaning

Seeing of your head injured in a dream indicates some kind of danger, loss of prestige, someone attacking or harming you, taking a wrong decision and doing stupid things in the coming times.

Hand Injury Dream Meaning

A hand injury in a dream is an indicator of bad relations with friends and family, fight, quarrel, failure, trouble in the workplace, sorrow, deception and something wrong in the family.

leg Injury Dream Meaning

A foot or leg injury in the dream is a symbol of future obstruction, non-completion of tasks, difficulty, some kind of problem in career, mental stress and failure.

Not Healing Injury Dream Meaning

Seeing such an injury in a dream that is not healing, this dream indicates a misunderstanding with someone, confusion, fear inside you and any such problem which will be difficult for you to solve or you will not be able to solve that problem.

Cured Injury Dream Meaning

If the injury is cured in the dream, then this dream indicates getting a solution to problems in the future, good luck, completion of tasks, removal of obstacles and freedom from worries.

Someone else Injured in Dream Meaning

Seeing someone else getting hurt in a dream is a sign of fighting, deteriorating health, mental anxiety, coming out of some kind of problem and having an argument with someone.

Bandage On An Injury Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself tying a bandage on someone’s injury in a dream is a symbol of getting a solution to troubles, happy ending of a quarrel and helping someone.

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