Top 7 Head Lice Dream Meaning

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head lice dream meaning

Head Lice Dream Meaning

It is a good dream to see a louse on your head or hair in a dream. This dream represents good fortune, financial advancement, opportunities, happiness, good news, earning a lot of money, good health and indicates some kind of unexpected profit.

Head Lice On Clothes Dream Meaning

Seeing louse roaming on your clothes or body in a dream is an indicator of negativity, misfortune, unpleasant situation in life, mental anxiety, separation, trouble, loss, illness and sorrow.

White Head Lice Dream Meaning

Seeing white louse in a dream is a symbol of luck, attainment of wealth, profit, increased interest in the spiritual field, success and mental peace.

Someone Head Lice Dream Meaning

Seeing someone else’s louse in a dream indicates happiness, prosperity, good fortune, good relations, profit and satisfaction in life.

Clean The Head Lice Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself cleaning louse in a dream symbolizes achievement of goals, end of troubles, progress, getting help, success, freedom from worries and opportunities in the future.

Nits Dream Meaning

Seeing nits in a dream indicates happiness, working in the right direction to achieve goals, starting a new business and getting profit from it and success.

Killing Head Lice Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself killing a louse in a dream indicates solution to problems, mental peace, completion of tasks, increase in self-confidence and victory over enemies and rivals.

Psychological Reason

When in real life you are going through some stress or anxiety, feeling irritability and anger inside you, then you may see lice dream.

Or when in reality you are not getting a solution to a problem or you do not understand how to get out of this problem, then you may have a lice dream.

After seeing this dream, you should try to find the solution to your troubles by leaving your worries behind. Worrying is not the solution to anything.

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