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fire dream meaning

Fire Dream Meaning

Seeing a fire in a dream indicates something new in the future, some special change in life, success, getting some kind of profit, getting money and solving a problem. Also, this dream also suggests your inner fear, anger and desire about something.

House On Fire Dream Meaning

Seeing a house burning in a fire in a dream indicates getting everything in life, happiness, prosperity, good life and many changes in life. But sometimes negative results of this dream are also seen. This dream also indicates the arrival of struggle in life, experiencing difficulty due to change, fear and losing something in life.

Burning In Fire Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself or someone else burning in a fire in your dream may indicate a situation in the future that may get you into trouble. Also this dream also indicates excessive ambition and a lot of desire in you. This dream is also a symbol of an unsolved problem.

Escaping A Fire Dream Meaning

To dream of saving yourself from a fire or saving someone from a fire, indicates getting out of difficulties, arrival of some good news, getting financial benefits, helping someone and some positive changes in life that will bring you success. 

Extinguishing A Fire Dream Meaning

To see yourself extinguishing a fire in a dream may indicate future relationship damage, loss, financial loss, and the end of something in life. You also need to focus towards your goals when you see this dream.

Smoke Of Fire Dream Meaning

Seeing smoke from a fire in a dream represents mental tension, problems, people hurting you, increase in enemies, loss and poor health.

Dying By Burning Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself burning to death in a dream indicates a new beginning in life or a big and special change in life, but this change will not be easy for you and this change will also bring you sorrow and loss. Also, this dream indicates the end of something in life.

Fireworks Dream Meaning

Seeing fireworks or seeing firecrackers going off in a dream indicates the coming of some good news, occurrence of some good event, happiness, attainment of profit and a festive atmosphere in the house.

Fire Alarm Dream Meaning

Seeing or hearing a fire alarm in a dream is an indicator of getting trapped in an uncomfortable and unwanted situation in the future. This dream can represent someone hurting you, trouble, anxiety and going out of control.

Smell Of Burning Dream Meaning

If you smell burning in your dream, then this dream indicates mental stress, sorrow, spreading rumors about you and deteriorating health.

Psychological Reasons

When in real life you are going through a special change or feeling a change within yourself, then you may dream of fire.

To dream of fire also describes the purification and the longing within you.

You may also dream of fire when you are extremely angry with someone.

 when you are worried about something or someone inside you or you are feeling insecure for some reason, then you can dream of something burning.

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