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Today I am going to present the meaning of door in the dream. ( Door Dream Meaning )  

Door is an important part of our house and it also connects two rooms together and also separate different parts of house. Door plays an important role in the beauty and decoration of an house. 

Vastu Shastra ( science of architecture ) also gives an importance to doors, as well as lot of remedies are also provided by Vastu, based on doors. 

It is believed that, any kind of energy whether positive or negative enters through the door. In ancient text lots of remedies were provided based on the problems caused by doors. 

Here we shall know the importance of doors in our life through our dreams. 

If you see doors in your dream the meaning is always depends on different sizes and shapes of the doors. 

So let’s come and know the meaning of Doors in dreams. 

door dream meaning

Door Dream Meaning

Seeing Big door in the dream arrival of good news in life and dreaming of narrow door symbolizes financial problems. 

Any kind of noise coming out of the door in the dream indicates stress in the coming future and also indicates that an outsider will interfere in your family matters. 

Exiting from a door in the dream means opening new ways in life.

Open Door Dream Meaning

Dreaming Yourself, opening the door or dreaming of opened door, symbolizes beginning of new job and getting an excellent opportunity and success in coming future. It also indicates the revealing of some secrets. 

Dreaming of a house with opened doors indicates a promotion in the work and financial improvements along with unexpected gifts. 

Closed Door Dream Meaning

Dreaming of closed door in the dream is not an auspicious dream, indicates mental pressure losing of an opportunity along with that, if you see the door being closed from inside indicates arrival of problems in life and seeing door closed from outside indicate your all desires would not be fulfilled. 

If you’re trying to close the door but unable to close it, shows past incidents stressing you out and not being able to find the new way of coming out of the stress. This dream also indicates that you cannot get rid of past karmas. 

Locked door dream meaning

If you notice that door is locked in your dream it predicts that you are trying to get something which is out of your reach. 

If you dream of seeing a lock on the door or shut the door for somebody, predict that you have a secret which you did not want to reveal. 

Searching Door Dream Meaning

Searching door in your dream indicates that problems will come in life and you do not know what is right and what to do. 

Entering Into A Wrong Door In Dream

Entering into a wrong door in the dream indicates that you have taken a wrong decision and you need to rethink about it.

Knocking On Door Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself Knocking on the door and someone reply, indicates success in the future, in this sequence, seeing someone else knocking the door is an indicator of some kind of loss or theft. 

Removing Door Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself removing the door indicates problems in life in the coming future and also predicts stress in married life. 

Making Door Dream Meaning

If a carpenter making a new door in the dream, it indicates the arrival of good news and marriage of unmarried ones. 

Broken Door Dream Meaning

Seeing a broken door indicates miseries and halt in the progress of life, in the same sequence if someone else breaks the door indicates betrayal from someone. 

Psychological Reason

If you see door while sleeping it symbolizes that you want change your life or your life is going through a transformation. 

If you dream of door while sleeping, it symbolizes, desire of doing something new while passing through the period of disappointment and sadness. 

If you are eagerly waiting for somebody in your life then also you can have a dream of door.


Do Not lose any  opportunity, if comes to life ,take benefit of them use these opportunities to be successful in life. 

Thank You

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