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Hello friends, today’s topic is, what is the meaning of seeing Banana in the dream. Banana dream is a very common dream, this dream is one of the most commonly seen dreams. ( Banana Dream Meaning )

Banana is also one of the fruits available in every season. It can be bought with very little money. Banana may be a inexpensive fruit, but it is considered very good from health  perspective.

In reality, the usefulness and importance of bananas cannot be denied. Banana not only provides instant energy to our body, it also helps us in maintaining good health.

Like every dream, the dream of bananas also brings some information for our future. The dream results of a banana depends on the states it is dreamed of. So let’s know what it means to see Banana in a dream.

banana dream meaning

Banana Dream Meaning

Seeing bananas in the dream is a good dream. This dream indicates happiness, fulfillment of desire, progress, getting some good news, success in love and recovery from disease  for sick people.

Raw Banana Dream Meaning

Seeing raw bananas in the dream is also an auspicious dream, this dream indicates some good change in the field of work, getting new opportunities, and progress. But this dream also suggests that you also need to bring stability in your life and take thoughtful decisions.

Eating Banana Dream Meaning

Eating banana in the dream is a symbol of future troubles, deterioration of love and family relations, unmarried not getting the desired life partner, mental anxiety and some kind of problem in career.

Buying Banana Dream Meaning

Seeing yourself buying bananas in the dream indicates dissatisfaction in life, mental stress, not getting the results of hard work, making some wrong decision and someone taking advantage of you.

Banana Tree In Dream Meaning

Seeing a banana tree in the dream that has bananas on it, then this dream indicates mental anxiety, fatigue, restlessness, trouble, some  kind of loss, bad family relations and trouble in the coming time.

rotten banana dream meaning

Seeing rotten bananas or spoiled bananas in the dream indicates some kind of trouble in the work field, rivalry, making some wrong decision and someone putting you in trouble.

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